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The Concept

The Concept

By building the Fidelitas Hotel Spa & Conference, not only a ruined building has escaped destruction, but the city of Sfântu Gheorghe has also been enriched with a well-equipped boarding home.


The hotel is an integral part of the tourist flow of the region, a new location of traditional Transylvanian hospitality, on a professional level. Our hotel awaits you with a well-trained team and the most modern comfort.


We await your visit!

Immerse yourself into a universe of unique atmosphere


On the walls of the building, renovated with special architectural solutions, the original portions of the brick walls, left to be seen in a few places, create the impression of ornamental elements. The concrete, steel and wood combination of the building gives the interior a unique atmosphere, and the memories of the past are revealed by the pictures taken in older days.


The furniture of the rooms creates a pleasant and familiar atmosphere by harmoniously meeting the different styles. The multifunctional conference halls situated in the attic, with natural light, are excellent for professional and business conventions. The wellness area situated in the basement serves the relaxation of our guests.

History of the building

The building was built in 1958-1959 as a boarding house for the former textile factory. The edifice, presenting the particularities of socialist realism at the beginning of the prefabricated building period and the unpretentious typification, was one of the last buildings of craftsmanship in Sfântu Gheorghe.


After the privatization, the building was unused for more than a decade, after which it was renovated as an investment of the Protestant Church of Transylvania. During the renovation, the architects and constructors (OpenWorks and Install-All) did their best to preserve and emphasize the unique character of the building.